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Mondo Phone Contract

Spotlight: Phone Contract with Bad Credit.
Looking for a phone contract but you are scared of   being turned away because you have low credit score?
Each telecommunication and network companies have their own credit score card that requires you to meet before being approves for a cellphone contract. This gives people with bad credit options based on their credit scores.

Say for example your credit score is low and you need to apply for Samsung S10 deal you may
only qualify for a deal bundled with a Samsung A10 smartphone or even a SIM-only deal ,
that gives you the benefits of a contract without the subsidised handset or router.

Mondo carries a wide range of mobile deals from Telkom, Vodacom and MTN to give customers more
choice and a better chance at qualifying for a cellular deal.

Get in touch with Mondo Customer Care on:-
Vodacom Contracts – Call: 086 123 6666
Telkom Contracts – Call: 086 123 8888
MTN Contracts – Call: 087 310 9583


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