Features and Benefits

Virgin Money Credit Cardholders can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No annual fees to worry about.
  • No monthly service charges added to your outstanding balance.
  • Competitive interest rates that are more affordable to other credit facilities offered by other banks.
  • Receive Basic Travel Insurance coverage if you’re below 75 years old. International travel tickets purchased using your Virgin Money Credit Card are eligible for this insurance coverage. Receive up to R1 000 000 coverage on medical expenses for the first 90 days of your journey.
  • Access exclusive benefits from Virgin Money Rewards. Receive up to 10% off on your tickets to travel from SA to London or select USA locations.
  • Receive up to 10% discount on purchases from Celestial Gift Experiences when you use your Virgin Money Credit Card.
  • Get up to 10% discount on Ulusaba bookings.
  • Receive up to 10% discount on your Virgin Money Credit Card purchases from Netflorist.
  • Enjoy up to 10% discount on certain treatments offered at Camelot Spa branches.
  • Enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free purchases on swipe transactions when you pay your outstanding balance in full and on time.
  • You can choose up to 3 additional cards that can be linked to your main credit account.
  • Your Virgin Money Credit Card can be delivered right to your doorstep, free of charge.
  • The card is protected by 3D Secure for safer online transactions.
  • Lost Card Insurance protects you from fraudulent transactions when your card gets lost or stolen. A replacement card will be also sent to you within 72 hours.
  • Option to avail the Car Card™ for a discounted rate.
  • Option to get the Credit Life Plan Insurance which will cover a portion of your outstanding balance in case of permanent disability or death.

The credit limit is based on your assessed credit score. This may decrease or increase further, depending on your credit performance. Virgin Money regularly conducts credit reviews to determine whether they should change your current limit.