Quinn Financial Services

Loan from R100 to R8 000 with favourable payback terms over a period between 1 to 6 months;
Looking for a small loan ranging from R100 to R8000, Quinn Financial Services is a micro lending business that offers reliable and efficient small loan services with payback term of 1 to 6 months.

How to apply

Quinn Finance offers up to R 3 000 for new customers, and up to R 8 000 for existing customers, with 6 months to pay.


  • A cellphone number
  • SA ID number
  • Bank account details
  • Latest bank statement
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence


1. Choose the amount you need
2. Choose how long you will need to repay
3. Click “Apply Now” and proceed to finalise your loan

Contact details:
Tel: 010 549 1683
Email: info@quinnfinance.co.za

Quinn Finance Branches;

  • Quinn Finance – Secuda CBD
  • Quinn Finance – George
  • Quinn Finance – Loskop
  • Quinn Finance – Deelkraal
  • Quinn Finance – Carletonville
  • Quinn Finance – Port Shepstone
  • Quinn Finance – Kroonstand
  • Quinn Finance – Spartan

Shell Credit Card

Introduction to Shell:
The history of shell can be traced back in 1900’s when the company was formed with a name Royal Dutch Shell, with headquarter in Hague,the Netherlands.

Company Expertise.
The company works to power progress together, with main expertise line being – exploration, production, refining and marketing of crude oil and natural gas,as well as manufacturing and marketing of chemicals.

Strategic ambitions:
To strengthen company position as a world leading energy company through provision of oil, gas and low carbon energy. To progress and continue to provide more and clearer energy solutions as the world energy systems changes.

To en devour and continuously seek to improve company operating performance, and maximise sustainable free cash flow, with an emphasis on health, safety, security, environment and asset performance, as well as adhering to our ethics and compliance principles.

Offer rewards for purchases at shell providing a more secure way to do your shopping.
Shell has stations in every corner of the global, the company boasts to serve more than 20 million customers a day who visit Shell service stations for fuels, motor oils, car care products and more.

With online presence in over 40,000 forecort locations worldwide, you can easily visit www.shell.co.za to locate Shell stations around South Africa where you can locate SHELL FUEL CARD STATION near you. You can even search for particular products and services such as a car wash, ATM, Select stores.

The obvious benefit of having Shell Fuel Card is that it offer tools and services to reduce your operating costs and ease fleet management. Shell understands the challenges of managing an international fleet. Which is why the Shell Fuel Card gives your business access to more sites in more countries than any other fuel card on the market.

  • Access more than 150,000 fuels retail sites (Shell and partner sites) in 34 different countries from Asia to Europe to North America but also in South Africa.
  • Make life easy by consolidating your fuel card with one experienced, global provider.
  • Purchase any of our products, anytime using a single card – from a tank of fuel, to a cup of coffee and a newspaper.

Real Cost Savings
Shell has a long heritage of helping businesses save money at scale. The Shell Fuel Card provides the tools to reduce your operating costs anywhere in the world.

  • Save money with Shell’s innovative fuels, lubricants and fleet management technologies.
  • Receive exclusive up-front pricing and loyalty benefits.
  • Benefit from instant economies of scale – the more your international fleet uses the Shell Fuel Card, the more your costs reduce.
  • Recover tax and excise duty within 14 days via your personal Shell VAT adviser.
  • Improve the fuel economy of your fleet by up to 10% with our online fuel management solution, Shell FuelSave Partner (available in Europe only).

Simple Management
With a global footprint backed up by our people’s unrivalled local market expertise, the Shell Fuel Card is the ideal partner for any international business.

  • Speak to your own dedicated global account managers and local market experts.
  • Manage your account easily with the Shell online portal, which provides fuel spend information, centralised reporting and simplified e-invoicing.
  • Experience a consistently high quality of service whenever and wherever you need us.
  • Stay ahead with up-to-date information about new financial, legal and environmental requirements in the markets relevant to you.

Advanced Payment Security
For Shell, the security of our customers’ fuel card payments is paramount, wherever they operate. And to protect it, we offer an industry-leading range of anti-fraud measures.

  • Protect your business with real-time fraud detection and round-the-clock card blocking.
  • Contact our global team of anti-fraud experts anytime, anywhere.
  • Establish clear driver limits for fill-up frequency and size.
  • Receive personalised, actionable email alerts regarding unusual or suspicious activity on your account.
  • Reduce risk for your drivers with Shell’s comprehensive onsite security measures, including CCTV.

How to build credit

After you’re approved for a credit card, it’s important to use the card in a way that will improve your credit score. Here’s what you need to do to build credit with a credit card:

Pay on time:
The best thing you can do for your credit is to always pay on time. Your payment history is the most significant factor in determining your credit score, and on-time payments will help you get excellent credit.

Watch your FICO® Score:
Although there are multiple types of credit scores, the FICO® Score is the one that lenders use most often. You should check yours at least once every few months to ensure you’re headed in the right direction. Some credit cards include a FICO® Score tracker, but if yours doesn’t, there are also free ways to check your score online.

Keep your balances low:
It’s bad for your credit score if you use too much of your available credit. To avoid this, try to never use more than 20% to 30% of your available credit.

Ask for a credit limit increase:
After nine to 12 months of charging up balances and paying them off in full, consider asking the credit card company for a credit limit increase. A higher credit limit can make it easier to keep your balances below the recommended 20% to 30% ratio.

Keep your account open:
Don’t let your credit card go inactive for too long. Many banks will close an account if it isn’t used for six months or more. By making a small purchase with the card every few months or so, you can make sure that the card stays open and is reported to all three credit bureaus. One factor that affects your credit score is your average account age, so be sure to keep your oldest accounts around as to help boost your score.

Source:the ascent

Important credit card terms

Important credit card terms
Credit card: A physical card that’s tied to a credit account. The card can be used to make purchases through that credit account.

Unsecured credit card: A credit card that doesn’t require any security deposit from the cardholder. Most credit cards are unsecured.

Secured credit card: A credit card that requires a security deposit when the cardholder opens the account.

Cash advance: Using a credit card to get cash. Cash advances typically have higher APRs and start accruing interest immediately, so they’re not recommended.

Balance transfer: Transferring a balance from one credit card to another, most often because one card has a lower APR. Not all credit cards offer this feature.

Credit limit: The maximum balance a credit card can have. Many credit cards have different limits for cash advances. For example, a card could have a credit limit of $10,000, but a cash advance limit of $3,000. That means of the $10,000 credit limit, up to $3,000 could be used for a cash advance.

Available credit: The difference between a card’s credit limit and its available credit. If you have a $400 balance on a card with a $1,000 credit limit, then its current available credit is $600.

Revolving line of credit: A line of credit you can borrow from, up to the limit, as long as the account is open.

APR: The annual percentage rate, which is the annual cost of borrowing money.

Minimum payment: The minimum amount you need to pay on your credit card by the due date. If you don’t pay at least this much, the card issuer can charge you a late fee.

Statement balance: The credit card’s balance on your most recent statement closing date. By paying this amount in full every billing cycle, you can avoid interest charges on purchases you make.

Credit score: A number that rates your creditworthiness, or the likeliness that you’ll repay what you borrow.

Source: the ascent

Spitz Account

The genesis of Spitz dates back over half a century ago when Antony and David Spitz open a single store named Spitz in Johannesburg CBD.

Over that period of time, Spitz has grown from strength-to-strength to become synonymous with the excellence of the exclusive international brands it offers in stores which are located in all major cities across South Africa.

Benefits of opening an account with Spitz.

  • You get a high quality shoe care products with your purchases,
  • Get access to limited-edition collections.
  • There is an affordable monthly instalments with flexible budget plans which revolved for 24 or 36 months.
  • You get exclusive offers and promotions on purchases.
  • Customer protection insurance for peace of mind, in the event of death, disability or retrenchment.

Visit your nearest Spitz store to apply and remember you must meet certain criteria to get approval.

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Be employed and earn more than R1000 p/m.
  • Have a valid SA I.D.
  • Bring your latest three months’ payslips or bank statements.
  • Cell Phone Number where you can be contacted

To apply:

Complete an online application form. If your application is approved,Spitz will send you an SMS to collect your card.
Upon application approval, you will be issued with the Spitz store card with a set credit limit that can be used immediately.