Capitec Global one credit card - Credit & Loan Options Capitec Global one credit card - Credit & Loan Options

Capitec Global one credit card

Get upto R250,00 credit card limit when you apply for Capitec Global Credit card with an interest on prime, for R40 per month.
Get Credit with Global One – your one solution for transacting, saving and personalized credit allowing you to have access to all your accounts. To qualify you need to be permanently employed and earning a minimum salary of R3,000 per month, and of course you age must be 18 years or older.

Visit any Capitec Branch near you with the following documents at hand to apply:-
  • Your original South Africa ID book.
  • If you are married but the surname is not the same as the one on your ID, proof of marriage certificate will be required.
  • Provide the Latest payslip as a proof that you are currently employed.
  • Stamped bank statement showing your latest 3 salary deposits

Tip: To speed up the credit application process, bring along your bank card when you apply for credit at a branch. Capitec uses DebiCheck, which allows you to electronically approve the details of a debit order with your bank before it can be processed to your account. You can use your card and PIN to approve the DebiCheck debit order if your credit application is successful.

Once you have successfully applied for the credit card, the next step is to manage and you can use Capitec app for example to Update your daily card limits for withdrawals and card purchases. Transfer your outstanding balance from the straight to budget payment option and to view your credit limits and transaction history

Credit card benefits.

  • Access to all your accounts and earn 3.50% per year on a positive balance
  • Get up to 55 days interest-free period
  • Personalised credit based on your profile and affordability with interest rate from 8.75% per year
  • Secure online purchases and cashless payments (zero fees worldwide at Mastercard®
    card machines, online and for telephone and mail orders)
  • You enjoy a No currency conversion fees for card purchases overseas

This is what you pay.

  • Initiation fee: R100
  • Monthly fee: R40
  • Interest rate: 8.75% – 19.25% (based on your credit profile)

Save time  get online estimate to see what you qualify for before going to a branch.